A leading centre for art in public space

FAI-AR is the leading school for artistic creation in public space. Our 22-month higher education course for a class of around 15 is designed for young artists looking to develop their capacity to create and manage artistic productions outside of dedicated cultural venues. Our continuing education courses, masterclasses and MOOC – which is international by definition – are designed for artistic creators, performers, urban professionals and project supporters looking to grow their skills in implementing artistic projects in public space.

Creation, aesthetic overhaul and innovation

FAI-AR offers innovative training to stimulate contemporary, hybrid and trans-disciplinary writing. Our practical and mobile approach, together with the space given to research, put artistic creation at the heart of our teaching process. By developing a laboratory-style environment for experimentation, where there is room for mistakes and artistic testing, we provide apprentices with the conditions and individual support they need to strengthen their artistic approach.

Composing (with) public space

FAI-AR’s integrated approach includes all the dimensions of spaces, including landscape, socio-politics and their symbolic value, in an open definition of public space, considered as both a geographical and relational space.
Whether in urban, peri-urban or rural areas, city, coastal or countryside landscapes, artists compose with the unique characteristics of each location. The landscape contributes to the work’s aesthetics but the value of contextual work also includes the encounters and relationships developed with residents and users. For artists who like connecting with people, sharing and discovering new horizons, FAI-AR opens up the scope of observation, understanding, research and practice.